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A look back…

I decided to re-visit the past. Here’s a shot I did a couple of years back.

This photo shoot was done with a local fashion designer based here in Cleveland Ohio, who was part of the show Project Runway. I decided to re-visit this set because it was definitely one of my favorite photos I’ve ever done, the model Siobhan was great even though this was her first time modeling. This was also one of the first times I ever used an off camera strobe, the Nikon SB900 with a 28″ Westcott soft box.


Mothers Day

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Happy Mother’s Day…

I’m a mama’s boy and very proud of that. For the majority of my life it’s always just been me and my mother. I know no other woman greater than her. She’s the best at everything I know… she has the biggest heart of anyone I’ve ever come across in this world. And her cooking, is simply amazing, but then again she’s just amazing in general.

Life without my mother would be impossible.

Happy Mother’s day Mommy.


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