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An exercise in design.


I’ve been playing around with Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop for sometime now and often refer to myself as a “frustrated designer”. And once in awhile I’m able to create something pretty damn cool. To two designs you see above, are two interpretations of my logo’s.

Recently I’ve been inspired by numerous poly-low style of design and wanted to create something similar. This was my first attempt at poly-low style work and wasn’t sure how to go about it, luckily I found some great inspiration over at

The first design above is with my MK (Michael Kalbo) logo, this design took me about an hour and the thought behind the process, was to create something simple, using medium size triangle and medium length line segments within the letters MK.

While in the second design I used my original KALBO logo; I decided to use small and intricate line segments to create the polygons. The second design took a lot more time that I expected, simply because I created each and every line segment by hand, which took a couple of hours.

The most difficult part of the process of the entire design process was determining a simple, bright, playful color combination that had a classical look and feel to it. I went through about 50+ color combinations before I was completely satisfied.

I’m absolutely in love with the first design and so much so that I’m be sending it out to be printed and framed.

– Michael

ps. I’d really love to hear your thoughts. Please shoot me a comment. I’d really appreciate it.

Alien Skin Exposure 5

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Alien Skin Exposure 5

I recently discovered Alien Skin’s Exposure 5 and decided to give it a try.

And after a few days of playing around with it, so far, I’m in love.

For the past few years there has been a growing trend of having that “film” look. Which in turn brought us a bunch of different film emulation apps/plugins trying to do their best to give us that look. I’ve used a couple of different film emulation apps but Alien Skin Exposure 5 definitely takes it to another level.

First of, I really love the interface of Alien Skin which matches perfectly with Adobe Lightroom’s interface. Navigating through the different  presents and tweaking settings are quick and easy. If Adobe Lightroom is part of your workflow, then you will have no problem familiarizing yourself with Alien Skin Exposure.

– Dust & Scratches, Borders and Light Effects –

Besides the interface, Dust & Scratches, Borders and Light Effects immediately jumped out; because Alien Skin is the first film emulation app/plugin that I’m aware of which gives you the ability to add these effects to your photos.

Dust & Scratches – I really like this effect a lot. Definitely helps to give your photos that “vintage” feel and even though a few of these effects are a bit much for my taste, the majority do a really good job at helping you achieve the “vintage” look and feel.

Borders- This I’m in love with. You get a ton of different borders to choose from, but personally theres only a few I like. I don’t know why but having borders on photos seems like a must have and Alien Skin give you the perfect border options for your photos.

Light Effects- This gives you a variety of “light leak” and “sun flare” effects which is pretty cool, but personally, the majority of the light effects Alien Skin gives you are waaaayyy over the top for my taste.  And if there’s one thing I’ve noticed with light effects in Alien Skin it’s that, they don’t give you options to change the “flares” color and I wish they would also allow you to change the locations of the flares manually.

The photos you see below were all edited with Alien Skin Exposure. I tried my best to use a variety of different presets in a past few days I’ve been playing around with Alien Skin Exposure. I will continue to play Alien Skin Exposure even more and hopefully give you guys a more in depth review at a later date.

Michael KALBO Simon - Alien Skin Exposure 5 example--5Michael KALBO Simon - Alien Skin Exposure 5 example--6

Michael KALBO Simon - Alien Skin Exposure 5 example--7Michael KALBO Simon - Alien Skin Exposure 5 example--8

Michael KALBO Simon - Alien Skin Exposure 5 example--15Michael KALBO Simon - Alien Skin Exposure 5 example--16Michael KALBO Simon - Alien Skin Exposure 5 example--4Kathleen

Michael KALBO Simon - Alien Skin Exposure 5 example--3Michael KALBO Simon - Alien Skin Exposure 5 example--2

Michael KALBO Simon - Alien Skin Exposure 5 example-5956
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2013 iPhoneography

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Michael KALBO Simon-2013 iPhoneography--2Michael KALBO Simon-2013 iPhoneography-Michael KALBO Simon-2013 iPhoneography--4Michael KALBO Simon-2013 iPhoneography--5Michael KALBO Simon-2013 iPhoneography-2626Michael KALBO Simon-2013 iPhoneography-2591Michael KALBO Simon-2013 iPhoneography-2611Michael KALBO Simon-2013 iPhoneography-2526Michael KALBO Simon-2013 iPhoneography-2532Michael KALBO Simon-2013 iPhoneography-2563Michael KALBO Simon-2013 iPhoneography-2561Michael KALBO Simon-2013 iPhoneography-2629Michael KALBO Simon-2013 iPhoneography-2632Michael KALBO Simon-2013 iPhoneography-2688Michael KALBO Simon-2013 iPhoneography--3Michael KALBO Simon-2013 iPhoneography-3056Michael KALBO Simon-2013 iPhoneography-2892Michael KALBO Simon-2013 iPhoneography-3102Michael KALBO Simon-2013 iPhoneography-2924Michael KALBO Simon-2013 iPhoneography-3026Michael KALBO Simon-2013 iPhoneography-2928Michael KALBO Simon-2013 iPhoneography-3079Michael KALBO Simon-2013 iPhoneography-3053Michael KALBO Simon-2013 iPhoneography-2851Michael KALBO Simon-2013 iPhoneography-2845Michael KALBO Simon-2013 iPhoneography-2844Michael KALBO Simon-2013 iPhoneography-2855

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