DPE wheels x Michael KALBO

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DPE Wheels x Michael KALBO

Recently had the opportunity to shoot forDPE Wheels while I was back in the Philippines. It was a great experience working with Jojo (DPE Wheels) Keith (DPE Philippines) and of course the owners of these amazing cars.

Here are a few shots from that trip…

Michael KALBO x DPE-3Michael KALBO x DPE-5Michael KALBO x DPE-4Michael KALBO x DPE-2Michael KALBO x DPE-6Michael KALBO x DPE-1


Fuji X100T – Initial thoughts… Part I

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Fuji Film X100T – I’ve had this camera for a couple of months now and since the weather has turned for the better I can finally go out and start shooting again. I’ve been shooting for about 8yrs now, started with an old Nikon film body then moved on to a D80… D300S…D700…D800…D810, picked up a few film and polaroid camera’s along the way. I’ve wanted to pick up a X100 camera since it was first introduced awhile back but never really got one for some reason, until I found a great deal on a X100s on craigslist. There’s always a great deal on CL. Played around with the X100S for about a month or so…. then the X100T was introduced… what the hell… sold the X100S and picked up the X100T.

Michael KALBO Simon x Fuji X100T-2645Michael KALBO Simon x Fuji X100T-2648

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