December 20th, 2016 § 0 comments

2016 – Thank You. 2016 you were an amazing year for me.
Photographically I didn’t shoot much, I didn’t accomplish a lot, I left so much on the table… but 2016 you were an amazing year.

Photography is something I do for fun; my therapy to keep my sanity. However, its also a dream of mine to have my work published, to be dawn the pages of a magazine or see my work on a billboard would truly be amazing. The reality is I also have a day job… which at times gets in the way. But the goal more than ever in my life is to completely change that for 2017.

This blog, this website is going to be focused more on documenting my journey throughout 2017 rather than creating images; I hope you tag along throughout what I hope will be an adventure filled 2017.

So even though I left so much on the table in 2016, I’m certainly going into 2017 hungry…. hungry to capture the light.

– Michael

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