Black Manta

June 30th, 2016 § 0 comments

Ian King : Black Manta

There are people out there who’s imagination is crazy enough to create something truly beautiful. They follow their hearts, do things differently, because being like everyone else isn’t in their blood


The car your looking at is probably the craziest Corvette you’ve ever seen. Ian King of Car Porn Racing and his team created something truly unique. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Ian a few times now and each time I meet up with him, I get introduce to another beautiful car. His passion for cars is something truly different from most out there, he’s not in it because all the cool kids are doing it, not Sir; this guy is a real a car guy through and through.


I saw plenty of photos of Black Manta from Ian’s Instagram page, but seeing it in person was whole different experience.

The Black Manta is a study in how making a few changes, can leave you with one very special car. The clam shell hood, the menacing front end, the gigantic spoiler in the back, those front and rear fender housing the DPE Wheels all come together to form this insanely beautiful kit.

The experience was breath taking, no BS. I witnessed necks breaking as we drove to the location, we stop shooting for a bit because people were taking selfies with the car and asking questions… why you ask… well hell because its something they’ve never seen before… its something you’ve never seen before.


Staring at the beautiful creation for hours would have perfectly fine with me. The Black Manta is a piece of art, born from passion, hard work and the pursuit to be different. You cant help but appreciate Ian and his teams work because the Black Manta is just so cool, so Thank You to the man who lived out his dream and shared it with us.


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