Bristol B U L L E T

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Bristol B U L L E T :

Bristol Cars. Its a car brand you’ve probably never heard of, know nothing about and could probably care less for but you should, because they just introduced the B U L L E T speedster.
The B U L L E T speedster is Bristol Cars 70th anniversary celebration, a sophisticated contemporary British design powered by a BMW V8 “Hercules”.

When I first saw photos of this car on the interwebs, I simply stared at my computer screen. The my dreams of having enough money to be able to create a car with mid-20th century looks but with modern technology came roaring back.
The B U L L E T speedster was just exactly what I dreamed of as a kid; I mean look at this thing, its B E A U T I F U L.

Very few car companies these days are designing car that look beautiful. Most if not all are designing cars with fuel efficiency in mind, which means cars need to be aerodynamic, which means cars these days are basically starting to look… BORING.

My bad, what I meant to say was that they either look boring or they look downright road legal race cars (BADASS). But nothing ever looks B E A U T I F U L these days. I mean when was the last time you saw new car/concept and go….wow that B E A U T I F U L.

See, exactly my point.

But fear not my friend the Bristol B U L L E T Speedster is here and its B E A U T I F U L.
bullet-003Absolutely love this photo from above
bullet-005bullet-006bullet-007Check out the lovely minimalistic interior and how about that beautiful tan leather. I wonder how many cows gave up their lives for the BULLET’S interior.bullet-009bullet-010 Powered by a BMW V8 that Bristol has dubbed “HERCULES”, the B U L L E T has 370bph with 370lb-ft of torque and can do 0-60 in 3.8sec with a top speed of 155mph. No bad eh, especially for a car that has a curb weight of 1,100kg.bullet-002bullet-011From what I’ve read, seems like only 70 of the B U L L E T speedster will be made; so good luck seeing one; unless your one of the lucky bastards that got one…. in that case can you please take me out for a ride.

Check out this video of the Bristol B U L L E T speedster.
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