Preview – Aston Martin Vulcan

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1 of 24.

The First to arrive on U.S soil, 1 of 3 coming to America and 1 of 24 made. Here’s a quick preview of the Aston Martin Vulcan.

Vulcan x Michael KALBO Simon-1



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Lissette x Michael KALBO-4828

I’ve had the idea of shooting at an old factory with big beautiful windows so that the light can perfectly peak through, a model who was down to earth, fun and someone willing do go outside the box… » Read the rest of this entry «


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2015 Bestnine


2015 was truly an incredible year.

I was fortunate enough to have met so many incredible individuals who gave me opportunities, fostered my growth and have continued to mentor me. It’s truly been an amazing ride and I don’t know how to Thank everyone who took park in my growth this past year.  I extremely excited to see what 2016 brings.

Thank you all for your continued support. May you all have a healthy and prosperous 2016.

Happy New Years.


Alfa Romeo 4C

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4C Launch Edition
Michael KALBO x Alfa Romeo 4C (1 of 1)

The Alfa Romeo 4C Launch Edition 34/500 made. Such a lovely car, beautiful lines, awesome looking wheels and the interior is purposefully beautiful.



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I’ve been going through a lot of my photographs that were shot while I was in the Philippines last November and also this past February; of the few hundred different photographs these 3 stood out the most. They all tell a slightly different story, but the narrative is all the same; poverty. A harsh reality that for some reason can’t be solved. These 3 photographs were shot in Manila, a place where thousands of families live in conditions that are simply unacceptable for anyone. They live in cemeteries, landfills, shacks built from various pieces of scraps metals, under freeway overpasses, abandoned properties… basically anywhere were they can find shelter from the elements.

The Philippines is a such a beautiful place, with incredibly smart, resilient and hard working people…but for some reason situations like these still exist.



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Michael KALBO x Tesha:

Michael KALBO x Tesha-1Michael KALBO x Tesha-3Michael KALBO x Tesha-2Michael KALBO x Tesha-4


Street Photography | Michael KALBO

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Street Photography.

When I first starting taking the old family Nikon camera on trips, I was never really interested in photographing the normal tourist photos. You know standing in front of some famous store on Rodeo Dr, or at the Welcome to Hawai’i sign that you pass by as you take the escalator to baggage claim. No, I was always interested in taking photos of the people I saw walking around and the things might normally go unseen but for some reason they caught my attention. I’ve been holding on to some of these images for sometime now, while others are fresh.

Some of these I’ve shared on Instagram, while others have been completely hidden to the publics eyes…. until now.

Michael KALBO | Streetphotography-

Michael KALBO | Streetphotography--2

Michael KALBO | Streetphotography--22

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Fuji X100T … its a learning process…

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I’ve had my Fuji X100T for about 6 months now, but do to work schedules and other life activities I haven’t had much time to get to know this camera. Decided to go out with it this evening in attempt to get to know it a bit better…

Even though this camera is with me on a daily basis, I’ve noticed that I’ve really been using it as a point and shoot. But this evening, I wanted to really take my time and be more methodical. I wanted to focus on framing and perfecting the exposure setting without having to constantly review my images after its been shot, I want to know that if I have “this” lighting situation at “these” settings and that images with be perfect. And this is one of those things that as photographers we can benefit from…. to slow down, understand exactly where we need to be to ensure the perfect frame is captured without “chimping” at the screen after taking the shot.

Here’ are 3 frames from this evening.

Michael KALBO -0005 Michael KALBO -0009 Michael KALBO -0018



DPE wheels x Michael KALBO

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DPE Wheels x Michael KALBO

Recently had the opportunity to shoot forDPE Wheels while I was back in the Philippines. It was a great experience working with Jojo (DPE Wheels) Keith (DPE Philippines) and of course the owners of these amazing cars.

Here are a few shots from that trip…

Michael KALBO x DPE-3Michael KALBO x DPE-5Michael KALBO x DPE-4Michael KALBO x DPE-2Michael KALBO x DPE-6Michael KALBO x DPE-1


Fuji X100T – Initial thoughts… Part I

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Fuji Film X100T – I’ve had this camera for a couple of months now and since the weather has turned for the better I can finally go out and start shooting again. I’ve been shooting for about 8yrs now, started with an old Nikon film body then moved on to a D80… D300S…D700…D800…D810, picked up a few film and polaroid camera’s along the way. I’ve wanted to pick up a X100 camera since it was first introduced awhile back but never really got one for some reason, until I found a great deal on a X100s on craigslist. There’s always a great deal on CL. Played around with the X100S for about a month or so…. then the X100T was introduced… what the hell… sold the X100S and picked up the X100T.

Michael KALBO Simon x Fuji X100T-2645Michael KALBO Simon x Fuji X100T-2648

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