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Hosltee Manifesto

I dont know why I never ran into these earlier in life, but I’m glad I did. A few weeks ago, why randomly surfing the web I ran into a company called Holstee. While rummaging through their website I ran into their manifesto, it was awesome.

Take a moment and read it for your self.

Since that very first time I read the Holstee Manifesto, I’ve printed it numerous times. Posted it in various places, so that I can see it everyday. I have a photo of it on my cell phone, a sticky note on my desktop, a copy on my door so I can see it everyday I walk out to enter the world.

I simply love this manifesto, it inspires me. And after reading that I hope it inspires you as well.



New Year, New Look

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Happy New Years!!!

Thank you 2011 for such an amazing year. A year that was filled with many lessons, amazing opportunities, wonderful clients, and most importantly a year filled with an unforgettable images. As 2011 comes to end and the new year comes I’d like to start 2012 with a new look to

Enjoy everyone. And Happy New Year to all of you’s. May 2012 be filled with success and happiness to you and your families.


VSCO Film edits

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Well as a birthday present for my self I decided to get the VSCO FILM presets for Lightroom. For the longest time ever, I’ve been trying to create presets of my own to give me that timeless film look & feel that I’ve after with my photography. I’ve created, deleted, and re-created many many presets in the past year or so. Some have been complete failures while others have been moderately successful; but they always needed to be tweaked multiple times which resulted in inconsistency and therefore long nights of editing to make sure my clients got their amazing photos ASAP.

So, when I heard about this new VSCO FILM presets, I knew I just had to get my hands on them.

It’s only been a few hours since I got the presets and here are a few samples of photos from my New York City trip this past summer edited strictly with VSCO FILM .

So far I’ve been really amazed, just how quickly and easily I can get the look I’ve been wanting instantly with these presets. I’ll try to do a full review once I’ve have more time with these.

Now to the photos.

The photo above looks extra grainy, thats not the preset causing that as this photo was taken at iso 1000.


Leica M9

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Leica M9…

I was sitting in Narita Airport waiting for my flight from Tokyo to Minneapolis to board, when all of a sudden American teacher, teaching in Taiwan sits next to me. Nothing special right, He looked like a typical American traveling abroad. But the difference between him and everyone else on the concourse that day was the camera hanging from his neck. As soon as I saw it, I was quickly wowed…. “nice M9 dude” …. We got to talking quickly, and within a matter of minutes he asked if I wanted to shoot with it for a bit, of course I wouldn’t pass this chance up. That’s like having Mr. Hefner asking you if you want to sleep at his mansion with lots of bunnies. Here are some of the results with the Leica M9 35mm f1.4

Owning a Leica has always been a dream of mine. And the M9 is certainly the best Leica has to offer. So having the chance to play with it even for a few minutes was simply amazing. It’s not everyday you a chance to play with $12,000+ camera. So THANK YOU Steve for trusting with your M9.


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