Republican National Convention

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The RNC Side Show.

The Republican National Convention is in the town and of course so is the circus that surrounds todays world of politics. I decided to venture out, capture the atmosphere and see what the buzz was all about.

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I’ve been going through a lot of my photographs that were shot while I was in the Philippines last November and also this past February; of the few hundred different photographs these 3 stood out the most. They all tell a slightly different story, but the narrative is all the same; poverty. A harsh reality that for some reason can’t be solved. These 3 photographs were shot in Manila, a place where thousands of families live in conditions that are simply unacceptable for anyone. They live in cemeteries, landfills, shacks built from various pieces of scraps metals, under freeway overpasses, abandoned properties… basically anywhere were they can find shelter from the elements.

The Philippines is a such a beautiful place, with incredibly smart, resilient and hard working people…but for some reason situations like these still exist.


Street Photography | Michael KALBO

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Street Photography.

When I first starting taking the old family Nikon camera on trips, I was never really interested in photographing the normal tourist photos. You know standing in front of some famous store on Rodeo Dr, or at the Welcome to Hawai’i sign that you pass by as you take the escalator to baggage claim. No, I was always interested in taking photos of the people I saw walking around and the things might normally go unseen but for some reason they caught my attention. I’ve been holding on to some of these images for sometime now, while others are fresh.

Some of these I’ve shared on Instagram, while others have been completely hidden to the publics eyes…. until now.

Michael KALBO | Streetphotography-

Michael KALBO | Streetphotography--2

Michael KALBO | Streetphotography--22

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Fuji X100T – Initial thoughts… Part I

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Fuji Film X100T – I’ve had this camera for a couple of months now and since the weather has turned for the better I can finally go out and start shooting again. I’ve been shooting for about 8yrs now, started with an old Nikon film body then moved on to a D80… D300S…D700…D800…D810, picked up a few film and polaroid camera’s along the way. I’ve wanted to pick up a X100 camera since it was first introduced awhile back but never really got one for some reason, until I found a great deal on a X100s on craigslist. There’s always a great deal on CL. Played around with the X100S for about a month or so…. then the X100T was introduced… what the hell… sold the X100S and picked up the X100T.

Michael KALBO Simon x Fuji X100T-2645Michael KALBO Simon x Fuji X100T-2648

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Recently had the opportunity to go back home to Manila a couple months back. About a month prior to leaving for Manila, Fuji Film announced the release of the Fuji X100T and I immediately pre-ordered one. However, as the dates got closer to my flight I was notified that the camera wouldn’t come until mid November (my flight was flying out the first week of November). Being impatient I immediately went hunting for a slightly used X100S, got one and brought to the Philippines.

Michael KALBO Simon - Philippines-0045

Michael KALBO Simon - Philippines-0064

Michael KALBO Simon - Philippines-0095

Michael KALBO Simon - Philippines-0336

Michael KALBO Simon - Philippines-0356

Michael KALBO Simon - Philippines-0456

Michael KALBO Simon - Philippines-0487

Michael KALBO Simon - Philippines-0488

Michael KALBO Simon - Philippines-0492

The Fuji X100S made me shoot outside of my comfort zone, I wasn’t use to always having a camera on my side nor being able to anticipate the shot. But this is a learning process and I’m slowly getting there.



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