Fuji X100T – Initial thoughts… Part I

May 6th, 2015 § 0 comments

Fuji Film X100T – I’ve had this camera for a couple of months now and since the weather has turned for the better I can finally go out and start shooting again. I’ve been shooting for about 8yrs now, started with an old Nikon film body then moved on to a D80… D300S…D700…D800…D810, picked up a few film and polaroid camera’s along the way. I’ve wanted to pick up a X100 camera since it was first introduced awhile back but never really got one for some reason, until I found a great deal on a X100s on craigslist. There’s always a great deal on CL. Played around with the X100S for about a month or so…. then the X100T was introduced… what the hell… sold the X100S and picked up the X100T.

Michael KALBO Simon x Fuji X100T-2645Michael KALBO Simon x Fuji X100T-2648

The X100T looks just like its older brothers X100 and X100S, which was perfect in my eyes. We all want to be in the presence of something that looks good and sexy whether that be your car or your camera…etc because that gives us confidence, it makes us feel good. And thats one thing that the X100T certainly does for me, it gives me confidence, it makes me feel good and most importantly it makes shooting FUN again.

Michael KALBO Simon x Fuji X100T-2650
Here are a few things I love about the X100T…

1. The bigger screen on the back is a nice improvement over the X100S.
2. The 4 way directional buttons on the back are far better that the wheel that was on the X100S
3. The thumb rocker is replaced with a wheel. (I found the thumb rocker thing really annoying)
4. Focusing is much faster than the X100S
5. 1/3 stop clicks on the Aperture wheel
6. Knurled dials
7. EVF/OVF and the mini EVF for focusing
8. Classic chrome.
9. Made photography FUN again
10.The retro styling, I mean this camera just like the X100 and X100S before it, looks down right sexy.

Michael KALBO Simon x Fuji X100T-2647 Michael KALBO Simon x Fuji X100T-2646

The X100T oddly enough is just like my Subaru WRX, its small, nimble, fast and “perfect, practical and fun” all rolled into one. I carry this camera with me on a daily basis and some days I purposely detour away from my route home just so I can shoot. The Fuji X100T has brought back a lot of curiosity that was in me when I first started shooting back in the day and for that I am thankful. So far the X100T has been a great companion and I hope you continue to come back and view my journey with this fun little camera.

Michael KALBO Simon x Fuji X100T-2652

Michael KALBO

Photos of the Fuji X100T were taken with the D700 x Nikkor 50mm F1.4 x VSCO film

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