Fuji X100T … its a learning process…

June 7th, 2015 § 0 comments

I’ve had my Fuji X100T for about 6 months now, but do to work schedules and other life activities I haven’t had much time to get to know this camera. Decided to go out with it this evening in attempt to get to know it a bit better…

Even though this camera is with me on a daily basis, I’ve noticed that I’ve really been using it as a point and shoot. But this evening, I wanted to really take my time and be more methodical. I wanted to focus on framing and perfecting the exposure setting without having to constantly review my images after its been shot, I want to know that if I have “this” lighting situation at “these” settings and that images with be perfect. And this is one of those things that as photographers we can benefit from…. to slow down, understand exactly where we need to be to ensure the perfect frame is captured without “chimping” at the screen after taking the shot.

Here’ are 3 frames from this evening.

Michael KALBO -0005 Michael KALBO -0009 Michael KALBO -0018



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