Leica M9

April 26th, 2011 § 0 comments

Leica M9…

I was sitting in Narita Airport waiting for my flight from Tokyo to Minneapolis to board, when all of a sudden American teacher, teaching in Taiwan sits next to me. Nothing special right, He looked like a typical American traveling abroad. But the difference between him and everyone else on the concourse that day was the camera hanging from his neck. As soon as I saw it, I was quickly wowed…. “nice M9 dude” …. We got to talking quickly, and within a matter of minutes he asked if I wanted to shoot with it for a bit, of course I wouldn’t pass this chance up. That’s like having Mr. Hefner asking you if you want to sleep at his mansion with lots of bunnies. Here are some of the results with the Leica M9 35mm f1.4

Owning a Leica has always been a dream of mine. And the M9 is certainly the best Leica has to offer. So having the chance to play with it even for a few minutes was simply amazing. It’s not everyday you a chance to play with $12,000+ camera. So THANK YOU Steve for trusting with your M9.


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