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Lissette x Michael KALBO-4828

I’ve had the idea of shooting at an old factory with big beautiful windows so that the light can perfectly peak through, a model who was down to earth, fun and someone willing do go outside the box… So I reached out to my friend Elza and told her I’d love to shoot a female model and if she knew anyone that would be interested. She immediately told me about her friend Lissette, linked me to her facebook page and I was like YES.

Date, set. Location, check.

On the day of our shoot the weather was absolutely amazing, not a cloud in the sky, warm and the sun shinning brightly. As soon as I was introduced to Lissette I knew we were going to create some amazing images.

Lissette x Michael KALBO-4893Lissette x Michael KALBO-4866Lissette x Michael KALBO-4634
Lissette x Michael KALBO-4631
Lissette x Michael KALBO-4745
Lissette x Michael KALBO-4724

Styling/Hair/Makeup | Elza x Lissette
Location | Erie screw building



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