Monks at Angkor Wat

February 19th, 2017 § 0 comments

My 2 favorite photos from Cambodia.

It was a surreal moment when I saw these guys walking around Angkor Wat in their bright orange robes; at first I stared at awe because up until that moment I’d only seen Buddhist monks on tv or read about them in magazines. After a few minutes of staring I immediately sprung into action, taking as many photos as I possibly could.

Unfortunately, by the time I caught up to them they were heading into the inner halls of Angkor Wat and because of that I was only able to snap off a few frames (check out, the coolest photos of ME).

I wish I would of had the opportunity to take more photos of the monks at Angkor Wat, but non the less the few frames I was able to take were my favorite pictures of my entire adventure.



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