New York City

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New York City is one of my favorite places in the world. I love everything about the city, its a place I visit often. But I have never really done the “tourist” thing, until this last trip during this past fall.
The statue of Liberty is an important landmark for Americans, it’s such a beautiful place and symbolizes so much for everyone. I really love the view of the statue from the ferry, I can only imagine what that view meant for those who’s made that journey from Europe back in the day. And once on the island, the view of Ellis island and Lower Manhattan is amazing. It really puts things in perspective, that even when you came to this country without anything, with hard work, dedication and determination great things can be accomplished.

And of course there’s central park, how can anyone go to New York City without a stroll through central park. I’ve been through the park numerous times, but its such a big park that I have never really had the chance to see it all. One of those places is this view of the pond. I really love this spot, because it takes you to another place. It’s a place where the craziness that is New York City disappears, a place where you can have a calm and peaceful lunch without hearing sirens and horns blasting.

The Brooklyn bridge. My first time ever walking on the bridge, its was pretty cool, even though there was some construction going on its still pretty amazing to get a chance to step foot on this iconic bridge.

Grand Central Station is always a place I love to walk through. Can’t imagine how many millions and millions of people walk through its doors everyday.

Finally, the view from the Empire state building. In the photo above shows downtown Manhattan, Jersey, Brooklyn and the Statue of Liberty. This photo is definitely one of my favorite photos ever. As a matter of fact, it’s a photo that is heading to the printers to be printed and framed.

See you soon New York City.

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