Republican National Convention

July 21st, 2016 § 0 comments

The RNC Side Show.

The Republican National Convention is in the town and of course so is the circus that surrounds todays world of politics. I decided to venture out, capture the atmosphere and see what the buzz was all about.

Michael KALBO - RNC-0193Michael KALBO - RNC-0161

The news coverage made sound like it was going to be difficult to make my way to Downtown Cleveland, they talked about protestors and arrest being made all day. But once I entered the newly renovated Public square things seem pretty “normal”. The presence of Police officers on foot, bikes, horses was everywhere. There were also quite a few SUV’s with heavily armed cops hanging out the back driving around the city center.
Michael KALBO - RNC-0171 There were reports of non-law enforcement agents walking around armed, but the only one I saw was this young man with a flag and old wooden rifle in tow.Michael KALBO - RNC-0189One of the more interesting things I saw during my walk. There were 3 young white men walking around caped with a Trump flag having a discussion with a group of Muslims.Michael KALBO - RNC-0175Michael KALBO - RNC-0148Michael KALBO - RNC-0165Geraldo Rivera, having a conversation with a few locals.Michael KALBO - RNC-5097Michael KALBO - RNC-5122Michael KALBO - RNC-0203Michael KALBO - RNC-0200Michael KALBO - RNC-0194Michael KALBO - RNC-0196Michael KALBO - RNC-0197Michael KALBO - RNC-5129A lot of opinions, differences in point of views and clashes of unique personalities were of course on hand.Michael KALBO - RNC-5140Michael KALBO - RNC-0157Overall, during my walk I saw nothing but peace. Law enforcement agents were greeted and welcomed me as I walked around, everyone had smiles on their faces and I saw nothing but peaceful conversations on the street. In reality, the circus was inside the convention.Michael KALBO - RNC-5148

equipement used: Fuji X100T & Nikon D700 w/ 24-70


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