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July 15th, 2015 § 0 comments

Street Photography.

When I first starting taking the old family Nikon camera on trips, I was never really interested in photographing the normal tourist photos. You know standing in front of some famous store on Rodeo Dr, or at the Welcome to Hawai’i sign that you pass by as you take the escalator to baggage claim. No, I was always interested in taking photos of the people I saw walking around and the things might normally go unseen but for some reason they caught my attention. I’ve been holding on to some of these images for sometime now, while others are fresh.

Some of these I’ve shared on Instagram, while others have been completely hidden to the publics eyes…. until now.

Michael KALBO | Streetphotography-

Michael KALBO | Streetphotography--2

Michael KALBO | Streetphotography--22

Michael KALBO | Streetphotography--3

Michael KALBO | Streetphotography--4

Michael KALBO | Streetphotography--6

Michael KALBO | Streetphotography--7

Michael KALBO | Streetphotography--5

Michael KALBO | Streetphotography--9

Michael KALBO | Streetphotography--10

Michael KALBO | Streetphotography--11

Michael KALBO | Streetphotography--12

Michael KALBO | Streetphotography--18

Michael KALBO | Streetphotography--19

Michael KALBO | Streetphotography--17

Michael KALBO | Streetphotography--16

Michael KALBO | Streetphotography--15

Michael KALBO | Streetphotography--14

Michael KALBO | Streetphotography--13

Michael KALBO | Streetphotography--8



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