Subaru Funday Sunday

April 11th, 2014 § 0 comments

So we’re finally starting to see some beautiful weather here in the area and I just had to take the car out for a cruise. Sorry, but I simply can’t help taking pictures of the car, I absolutely love Subaru’s especially WRX’s / STi’s. They’re just such fun, practical cars, perfect for the area I live in. All Wheel Drive, plenty of space with the hatch back to carry my gear or when I go camping. And how can I forget the unique sound of the Subaru Boxer engine. Well, looks like springs is coming… hope the arctic freeze /¬†snowpocalypse / polar vortexes are finally over with.

Subaru WRX-0631

Subaru WRX-0635

Subaru WRX-0641

Subaru WRX-0647

Subaru WRX-0651

Subaru WRX-0653

Subaru WRX-0659

Subaru WRX-0663

Subaru WRX-0672


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