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February 19th, 2016 § 0 comments

Subaru Levorg - Michael KALBO Simon-10

A while back I received an online survey from Subaru North America that asked numerous question to which frankly I don’t remember any of it, except for one. And the question was something like….
– If Subaru introduced a new WRX Hatchback would you be interested?

From a consumer’s stand point I never really understood why Subaru axed off the hatch. Yes, STi/WRX’s guys/gals want power, performance and a great handling car and I’m sure someone on Subaru’s R&D department figured out that the sedan platform was the best way to go about things, but we use our cars. We stuff em’ with our snowboards, bikes, camping gear, go to home depot, have pets that travel with us, hell I bet even dogs all over the US wants Subaru to bring back a hatchback STi/WRX.

But life isn’t fair and we graciously accepted the redesigned STi/WRX in its sedan only form, why… because of LOVE; because thats what makes a Subaru a Subaru.

Then comes the Levorg – and it won’t be coming stateside.
Subaru Levorg - Michael KALBO Simon-1

Now this is the car that we would love to have/need here in North America. I like to think about the Levorg as a fusion between the Outback/Legacy/WRX, the perfect blend of fun and practicality. Front end of a WRX, cargo space that rivals the Outbacks and handling characteristics similar to that of a Legacy.
This particular car that I drove had a 1.6L four-cylinder boxer turbo charged motor producing 168bhp @ 4800rpm, 184lb ft @ 1800-4800rpm attached to a Six-speed CVT automatic transmission.
Subaru Levorg - Michael KALBO Simon-2
Subaru Levorg - Michael KALBO Simon-3
Subaru Levorg - Michael KALBO Simon-4
Subaru Levorg - Michael KALBO Simon-5

As you can see from the photos above there is plenty of space in the boot for hauling gear, groceries and sports equipment for the little ones. The backseat space rivals that of the Outback’s, plenty enough to comfortably fit 3 full size adults.

Subaru Levorg - Michael KALBO Simon-6
Subaru Levorg - Michael KALBO Simon-7

The front two seats and dash are pretty much identical to the current generation STi/WRX.
Subaru Levorg - Michael KALBO Simon-8
Subaru Levorg - Michael KALBO Simon-11I personally have mixed feelings on how the 1.6L Turbocharged 4 will be accepted here in the states. Because lets face it, the majority of the population here still have the mentality of “no replacement for displacement”. However Subaru does have a 2.0L Turbocharge 4 as well, but I believe as of now its only for the Japanese market. If the US ever gets a “Levorg body style STi/WRX” we would certainly get the 2.0L which is already in the sedan WRX.

Personally, I didn’t mind the 1.6L Turbocharged 4 motor; it was responsive, has plenty of power to reach freeway speeds with ease, certainly enough to overtake semi’s and hit 183+kph (113+mph) with plenty more in reserve in case you need it and its rated to get 40mpg combined city and highway driving. I personally predict that this motor will make its way onto the next generation Impreza.
Subaru Levorg - Michael KALBO Simon-9 Will Subaru North America ever bring the Levorg to the US?
I doubt it.
Its a shame really, but I can’t blame them. And the biggest reason I can think of… at what price point do you place the Levorg without affecting the eco system?

(not meant as a review, just photos of this lovely car and my personal thoughts)


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