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Recently had the opportunity to go back home to Manila a couple months back. About a month prior to leaving for Manila, Fuji Film announced the release of the Fuji X100T and I immediately pre-ordered one. However, as the dates got closer to my flight I was notified that the camera wouldn’t come until mid November (my flight was flying out the first week of November). Being impatient I immediately went hunting for a slightly used X100S, got one and brought to the Philippines.

Michael KALBO Simon - Philippines-0045

Michael KALBO Simon - Philippines-0064

Michael KALBO Simon - Philippines-0095

Michael KALBO Simon - Philippines-0336

Michael KALBO Simon - Philippines-0356

Michael KALBO Simon - Philippines-0456

Michael KALBO Simon - Philippines-0487

Michael KALBO Simon - Philippines-0488

Michael KALBO Simon - Philippines-0492

The Fuji X100S made me shoot outside of my comfort zone, I wasn’t use to always having a camera on my side nor being able to anticipate the shot. But this is a learning process and I’m slowly getting there.



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