Toyota i-Road Concept

January 31st, 2014 § 0 comments

Toyota i-Road Concept EV
Toyota iRoad Concept - Michael KALBO Simon-2

First introduced in 2013 at the Geneva International Auto Show the Toyota i-Road Concept EV is a 3-wheeled zero emission scooter/car which Toyota refers to as a “personal mobility vehicle”. When I saw this concept I wasn’t sure exactly what to think, mainly because I wasn’t really sure what the heck it was. But after spending a few minutes staring at it, the Toyota i-Road looks pretty damn cool. It’s something I wouldn’t mind rollin’ around in, even though I doubt we’ll ever see something like this on the road, especially here in the states. The i-Road as a technical exercise is pretty freaking awesome and I personally think it’s something we’ll eventually see 10+yrs from now.

– Michael

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